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iPod Nano 1st Gen - Technical Whitepaper
Description:  The iPod Nano 1st Generation. 

Battery Installation Difficulty
We would rate this installation 3 out of 5 screw drivers (Moderate) in terms of difficulty.  Opening the iPod case and soldering in the battery wires are the most difficult part of this installation. 

Physical Attributes

        Battery Type: Li-Polymer
        Battery Connector: Soldered Direct Wiring        
        Battery Voltage: 3.7v

        Casing Type: Metal Shell Design
        Screen Size: 
        Scrolling Type: Click Wheel      


        Manufacture:  Apple™
        Operating System:  Proprietary

        Capacity Options:  

        Year Introduced: 200x

iPod Nano 1st Gen Disassembly Procedure  

Disclaimer: Opening the case will void the manufacture warranty if any remains.  TopTechies is not responsible for damage or problems that may result from following the disassembly and replacement procedures.  Please observe all static safe precautions while working inside your iPod.  These instructions require a moderate level of technical ability and proficiency in the use of hand tools as well as a general understanding of electronic components.  Buyer assumes full responsibility for the installation of this replacement battery.

Start with a clean, open table that has good light.  Take the two opening tools out of the battery blister package and set them aside.  Don't forget to shutdown the iPod prior to working on it.

Required Tools: Case opening tools & soldering iron

Step #1 - Power Off iPod
Make sure the power is off.  Put the Nano into the Hold state by moving the top slider switch.

Step #2 - Open the Case
Removing the casing is the trickiest part with this model iPod.  Take your time and it is not uncommon to fail multiple times before you successfully crack the case.  Try not to use any metal tools like a screwdriver as they will cause damage to the case!  Stick to the enclosed case opening tools or any other hard plastic items available at home.

Start by laying your iPod face-up on a soft work surface.  Insert the tapered end of the case opening tool between the acrylic front and metal back casing of the iPod.  The best place to start is near the bottom of the iPod.

Slowly work the tool down the length of the body towards the top end with a gentle prying motion.  This will release the interneal clips allowing the two halves to part.  Once the right-hand side is unclipped, insert the tool into the bottom of the iPod.  You need to release two clips on the bottom edge.  Take care not to press down on the front cover while you do this or the right-hand side may snap back together.

The metal back casing will now easily lift away once the bottom clips are released.  Set the metal back casing to the side in a safe area.

Step #2 - Remove Battery
     a. The battery is now exposed.   The old battery is glued in so removing it can be quite difficult.  Insert the thin plastic tool between the corner of the battery and the groove and gently but firmly pry the battery off the glue.  Move to each corner of the battery using the same technique until the battery is free.

Step #3 - Unsolder Battery Connections
The battery is connected to the system board by three wires.  Take the yellow tape off covering the battery connections.  Save this tape as it needs to be re-applied after the battery is soldered in place.  Make note on the order of the wires to ensure proper installation of the new battery (See Image).  Use the soldering iron to disconnect the three wires from the system board.  Be careful not to overheat the system board!  Focus the iron just on the soldered joint where the wire meets the board.  The battery should now be completely removed from the iPod.

Battery Installation Procedure  

Step #1 - Insert Battery & Solder Connections
Put the new battery in the seated opening.  Properly solder the three wires into the proper locations on the motherboard.  The black wire into the ( - );  Red wire into the ( + );  White wire into the ( T ) electrode.  Review the battery color code image below.  Let the iPod system board cool down between soldering each wire.  You don't want to overheat the system board!  Finally, re-apply the yellow tape on top of the soldered connections. 

Step #2 - Reassemble Case
The back cover can now be replaced.  Line it up and gently snap the two halves of the iPod together. 

Step #3 - Power On & Charge
Make sure that you charge the battery for a minimum of 3 hours of uninterrupted time.  Overnight is better once it's plugged into it's power adapter.

Congratulations!  You've completed the battery installation procedure for the iPod Nano 1st Generation.

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